Gary believed in me from the start and worked hard to ensure others did too. Always looking out for his clients' best interest, he's a man of character who handles business the right way. He's always a phone call away to answer questions or just to check on me. I am proud to have had Gary as my agent, but more importantly a friend.

— David Snow - Buffalo Bills | Pittsburgh Steelers

I, Patrice Majondo-Mwamba, would like to state that Gary Glick has been an outstanding sports agent and friend. He works in a distinct and effective productive manner. I would highly recommend Gary Glick as an agent and as a business advisor. Gary has helped me to be the athlete I am today. He has wisely advised me throughout the years, and he is someone I can count on throughout the years. It is an honor and privilege to be represented by Gary Glick and call him a close friend.

— Patrice Majondo-Mwamba Denver Broncos, NFL | Kansas City Chiefs, NFL

"Gary is a good Christian who cares about his players He is not worried about money, he's easy to get ahold of and really becomes a part of the family. I'm really glad our son chose Gary to be his agent. He knows what he's doing and works very hard."

— Steven Allen, father of Dwayne Blakely

“Gary is a true friend and a great agent."

— Andy McCullough former Arizona Cardinal & Green Bay Packer

"Selecting an agent is very important for a young athlete. He must choose an agent that understands his specific needs. My nephew showed the ability to play at the next level, but off-field issues prevented NFL interest. His first agent thought his career was over and did nothing. We retained Gary Glick, who got the tough job done right the first time. Choose the hard right over the easy wrong."

— Ed Brown, Uncle of Santonio Beard

"Gary did an outstanding job and we appreciate having the same faith and confidence in him as we do. All of Gary's hard work is appreciated."

— Family of Travis Hale

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